Thursday, July 28

Heading to Authoring

Glad to announce, ahead of myself, that the DVD is finally moving forward... AGAIN!

After some hiatus due to the transition of administrations, and the misplacing of the DVD proof by the vacating administration, I had a meeting with the committee heads and have moved to go forward with the authoring of the DVD and they are in the talks of setting up a date to "Special Screen" the final product to send it into mass production.


It restores my faith on people seeing the interest given by the new administration... I am yet to be formally introduced to, but I have a feeling that this new relationship will bring great things to the Community.

Stay Tuned for the Release date...


Tuesday, June 21

Jubilee DVD and Order Forms

I couldn't post the button unto the email...
here it is:
Jubilee DVD Form (to Print)


If submitted by tonight, they will be ready for this weekend... pick up Friday.
And for the Replication of the DVD:


The Master DVD will be "Special Screened" at the Priest Reception: There is that possibility of marketing.

Tuesday, March 15

New Layout

I think I'm liking this new template I got through Googleing...

If I keep customizing it more and see the feature work leisurely, I'll transfer the code to my other blogs and make them appear part of a whole.

In the mean time, I'll create the images and graphics for this one before moving on.

Still experimenting until I am well satisfied.